Time: 2020/08/31 (Monday) 11:00AM-12:00PM

Venue: 3rd Floor Main Hall, Sports Administration, MOE

(3F, No. 20, Zhulun Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491)

Contact: David 0978393867

E-mail: 1955yes@gmail.com 

The First AFC Dream Asia Foundation Sponsorship To A Taiwanese NGO

“Free Kick in The Wield Field” Tells The Stories Of Immigrant Worker’s Football Journey

Taiwan has attracted migrant workers from Southeast Asia since 1992. By 2020, there are more than 720,000 migrant workers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines in Taiwan, including blue-collar and white-collar workers, students, and marriage immigrants, which make the fourth largest group in Taiwanese society. Since 2015, GWO has brought migrant workers together to launch the Taiwan Cup under the Taiwan Immigrants Football Competition and formed the Taiwan Immigrants Football League (TIFL) to provide league competitions and related courses to the immigrants.

According to TIFL’s statistics, there are currently a total of 104 matches under the northern, central, southern league and TIFL league, with 24 teams, 840 players from 52 countries outside of Taiwan.

GWO promotes equality and multicultural exchange among classes, nationalities, and races through football. With the assistance of the CTFA, the league has won the recognition and support of the AFC 2020 Dream Asia Charity Designated Project. This is the first time that a Taiwanese NGO is recognized by international football organizations. GWO has also published the book “Free Kick in The Wield Field: The Story of Migrant Worker Football in Taiwan”,which records the history of migrant workers’ journey in the football movement in Taiwan, hoping to eliminate the discrimination against migrant workers in Taiwanese society and promote equality of migrant workers. There are a Chinese version and an English version, as well as Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai translations.

10:30-11:00Guests and media registration
11:00-11:10Opening Ceremony
11:10-11:20Opening Speech
11:20-11:30MOU Exchange
11:30-11:45Players’ Sharing
11:45-12:00Photoshoot & Interview

Migrant worker football league takes off in Taiwan

28 8 月, 2020