The euphoria of the Taiwan Cup 2023 this year went very lively, this year’s registration record exceeded expectations, more than 50 teams registered to participate in the competition, and the team selection process only had 8 slot teams playing on the field, namely: ESWATINI, Vietnam FC, Serumpun FC, FC Bac Giang, Neili United, Taichung City FC, The Gambia Team, Yangmei FC. The match was held at Fu Jen University Stadium for 2 consecutive days (4/30-5/1).

Team Gambia became The Champions of Taiwan Cup 2023, followed by FC Bac Giang as Runner-up, and ESWATINI as 3rd place. Each team is entitled to get a prize of 20,000 NTD (The Champion), 15,000 NTD (Runner-up), and 10,000 NTD (3rd place).

12 5 月, 2023
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