FC Bắc Giang was established in 2014, and it is a team that can’t be separated by uniting emotions in the same country. The results are as follows: 2017 Vietnam Association Association champion; New Taipei City Labor Bureau won the runner-up for 2 consecutive years. At present, the team still maintains the practice situation is at least two weeks ㄧ. For the first time this year, the team joined the 2020 TIFL with the main goals of unity, respect for the rules, improvement of willpower, eagerness to learn, and hard work. Please look forward to our team showing beautiful dribbling skills and fair play image to make a successful contribution to the schedule. We have just received NHATVUONGMTV.COM Vietnam Intermediary Company has always been enthusiastic to assist the Vietnamese migrant workers in Taiwan football team. This company uses credit to allow Vietnamese migrant workers to work in Taiwan to improve their lives.

BẮC GIANG-2 Defender 2
BẮC GIANG-3 Defender 3
BẮC GIANG-4 Defender 4
BẮC GIANG-5 Defender 5
BẮC GIANG-6 Defender 6
BẮC GIANG-7 Defender 7
BẮC GIANG-8 Defender 8
BẮC GIANG-9 Defender 9
BẮC GIANG-10 Midfielder 10
BẮC GIANG-11 Midfielder 11
BẮC GIANG-12 Midfielder 12
BẮC GIANG-13 Midfielder 13
BẮC GIANG-14 Midfielder 14
BẮC GIANG-15 Midfielder 15
BẮC GIANG-16 Midfielder 16
BẮC GIANG-17 Midfielder 17
BẮC GIANG-18 Forward 18
BẮC GIANG-19 Forward 19
BẮC GIANG-20 Forward 20
BẮC GIANG-21 Forward 21
BẮC GIANG-22 Forward 22