Cao Su FC started in 2016 and has been established for 4 years now. All the players working in Taiwan come from various provinces and cities in Vietnam because they have a passion for football and want to learn and exchange with their friends from various countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Our team’s biggest goal is to learn, have fun and be enthusiastic, and the 2019 football tournament at the Ministry of Labor has already won the championship. Other competitions also received a lot of recognition.

CAO SU-1 Forward 1
CAO SU-2 Goalkeeper 2
CAO SU-3 Goalkeeper 3
CAO SU-4 Defender 4
CAO SU-5 Defender 5
CAO SU-6 Defender 6
CAO SU-7 Defender 7
CAO SU-8 Defender 8
CAO SU-9 Defender 9
CAO SU-10 Defender 10
CAO SU-11 Forward 11
CAO SU-12 Forward 12
CAO SU-13 Forward 13
CAO SU-14 Forward 14
CAO SU-15 Midfielder 15
CAO SU-16 Midfielder 16
CAO SU-17 Midfielder 17
CAO SU-18 Midfielder 18
CAO SU-19 Midfielder 19
CAO SU-20 Midfielder 20