Nghệ An FC is a team working in the Tainan-Kaohsiung area.
It is mainly based in the Vietnamese province of Euan. The team exchanged games with students from various countries, migrant workers, and from all over Tainan and Kaohsiung.
To communicate and learn, satisfy the interest in football, and relieve pressure, the team’s goal is to establish a team.

NGHỆ AN-1 Goalkeeper 1
NGHỆ AN-2 Goalkeeper 2
NGHỆ AN-3 Midfielder 3
NGHỆ AN-4 Midfielder 4
NGHỆ AN-5 Midfielder 5
NGHỆ AN-6 Midfielder 6
NGHỆ AN-7 Midfielder 7
NGHỆ AN-8 Midfielder 8
NGHỆ AN-9 Midfielder 9
NGHỆ AN-10 Midfielder 10
NGHỆ AN-11 Defender 11
NGHỆ AN-12 Defender 12
NGHỆ AN-13 Defender 13
NGHỆ AN-14 Defender 14
NGHỆ AN-15 Defender 15
NGHỆ AN-16 Defender 16
NGHỆ AN-17 Defender 17
NGHỆ AN-18 Defender 18
NGHỆ AN-19 Defender 19
NGHỆ AN-20 Forward 20
NGHỆ AN-21 Forward 21
NGHỆ AN-22 Forward 22