Established in 1985, Taipei A.F.C. currently plays in the Division 1 of TIFL (Taipei International Football League). Among the 13 teams in the league, Taipei A.F.C. is one of the most diverse groups in terms of member nationality. The team aspires to become a successful football club one day and participate in a bigger stage. The team meets at least twice a week and actively interacts with the local football community. The team hopes that by participating in TIFL League, players will gain more experience and exposure playing at a competitive level.

Football is a highly popular sport, played by over 265 million people throughout the world. By engaging with the local people through practice and games, players are able to deepen their understanding of football as the culture of both Taiwan and their own countries. No matter where you are from, no matter what is the color of your skin, the rules of the game stays the same. The beauty of the game can be seen in its diversity.

成立於1985年, 台北競技足球俱樂部目前是台北地區外國人聯賽(TIFL)的甲組球隊。該聯賽13支球隊當中,台北A.F.C.會員們的國籍是最多樣化的。球隊渴望有一天能成為一支成功的足球俱樂部,並能參加更大的舞台。該球隊每周至少練習兩次,並與當地足球社會有所正面的互動。球隊希望這次參加TIFL 聯賽,能夠在比賽中獲得更多的經驗和曝光來提升球員的水準。

足球是現今非常受歡迎的運動之一,據統計,全世界有超過2.65億人參與其中。透過平時的練習及賽事的參加與國人互動,讓球員能夠因此更加認識台灣及本國文化! 一場遊戲若要精采、美好、熱血更要充滿回憶,其多樣性是不可或缺的重要因素!因此不論您的膚色是甚麼,我們都因足球而平等!