The Xinzhuang team was established in 2011 and has been established for 9 years. Our team is composed of Vietnamese who live and work in Xinzhuang. The reason for team formation is to exercise and learn from each other. Participated in the GWO International Immigration Football Game and won many medals such as the runner-up in the 2018 New Taipei City Bureau of Labor Ball Game, the runner-up in the 2018 Taiwan cup, and the championship and runner-up in the annual Thai League invitation team.

XINZHUANG-2 Goalkeeper 2
XINZHUANG-3 Forward 3
XINZHUANG-4 Forward 4
XINZHUANG-5 Forward 5
XINZHUANG-6 Defender 6
XINZHUANG-7 Forward 7
XINZHUANG-8 Forward 8
XINZHUANG-9 Midfielder 9
XINZHUANG-10 Midfielder 10
XINZHUANG-11 Forward 11
XINZHUANG-12 Forward 12
XINZHUANG-13 Goalkeeper 13
XINZHUANG-14 Midfielder 14
XINZHUANG-15 Forward 15
XINZHUANG-16 Defender 16
XINZHUANG-17 Forward 17
XINZHUANG-18 Goalkeeper 18
XINZHUANG-19 Midfielder 19
XINZHUANG-20 Midfielder 20